Women's circle Malika Madhuri
Women's circle

God is a woman

The Women's Circle is a love appeal to the women of the world. It is a meeting of souls carrying out a real inner work in depth and together, engaging in the powerful karmic cleansing of our collective unconscious of women. Under the auspices of the moon and the solstices. God is a woman.

The circle of women, a work of links, a laborious weaving, subtle and delicate.

Women's Circle: sorority circle, where we women can find each other, help each other, recharge our batteries. And this in order to reveal our splendor all together. A meeting place in the heart, it is our sesame. Let's dare to reveal ourselves in order to free our soul from the shackles that have suffocated it for millennia. Let's create energy circles in order to raise our vibrations and the vibration of the earth and the consciousnesses. I appeal to all women in order to create, develop, nurture, maintain sorority circles. May you all be inspired.
Meetings, workshops of meditative practices, spontaneous and liberating dances, in order to develop personal practice, to anchor ourselves more intensely in our inner power (where even our own resources reside). Saturday from 18h.
The Circle is scheduled for the weekend, in Fontainebleau, every month
Each circle of women is a beautiful meeting of souls and sisters. We always leave loaded with beautiful energies of love and joy. And we need it very much.
Le travail de guérison commence…
Ensuite s'ensuivra notre fameux feu sacré de femmes la nuit du samedi à dimanche.
Et nous continuerons dimanche matin avec un atelier de guérison en conscience et d'ancrage des énergies.
Je travaille beaucoup dans l’intuition et mes expériences de femme qui m’ont permis d’évoluer. Je suis contente de vous rencontrer.
Nous partagerons ensemble les repas apportés par chacune, le dîner et le déjeuner. Marie nous accueille dans son très joli lieu.
Joie et célébration ! Apportez vos instruments, vos chants sans oublier les cordes vocales, puissance de l'évocation et du verbe.
Participation in the Women's Circle
Sleeping (towels and sheets provided)