Believe in yourself and you'll already be halfway there

Whatever your objectives, believe in them with all your heart I offer you 2 specific programmes:

Put some conscience into your life!
Malika Madhuri's workshops
Our support is geared towards pragmatic solutions and raising awareness of each stage of life and its issues. Together, we discuss and find the root of your problems and put them into words, so that you can get to the root of your discomfort and feel better. You will discover and develop your own resources.
Video presentation of the inner work which is the path to individuation.

What is mindfulness meditation? Self-observation and self-knowledge. Self-observation in meditation is the key to transformation. Inner work is the path to individuation and true transformation.

When we observe with our mind, we project our universe. Hence the need to understand how to observe and to bring awareness to our meditation practices.

Observing your breathing is the main practice I suggest and practise regularly. Meditation is a healing process, a complete tool because every suffering, every energy block is cleared at the right moment. It is an effective psychotherapy.
--- the programmes ----

The programme "I thrive"
Learning to live mindfully
  • meditation workshops
    Weekly mindfulness meditation workshops. I offer you a programme of regular, progressive practice over a period of 1 to 3 months. I'll support you and encourage you to set up regular meditation routines in your life to create change within yourself.
  • Method: individual motivational coaching
    I adapt to the pace and needs of each individual. We meet for individual motivational coaching every month to support you in your learning, awareness, goals and transformation. The support is geared towards pragmatic solutions and raising awareness for each stage of life and its issues.
  • Motivational group coaching
    Together we find the motivation we need to continue our journey. Before each meditation session, we discuss, question and grow in awareness.
  • The success of regular practice
    Putting an end to ruminative and highly limiting thoughts You'll grow in awareness and release your potential Soothing strong and highly limiting emotions (traumas) Being at peace with yourself because you're really listening to yourself The famous detachment and no longer reacting to the judgements of others, it's the freedom to be yourself. Hypersensitive, how to anchor yourself better in your life and have more confidence in yourself.

Areas: spiritual evolution, managing emotions and inner conflicts, healing psycho-corporal trauma and emotional wounds, bereavement, surpassing oneself, projects to be carried out.
Together, we can discuss your needs and grow in awareness.
When you take part in the meditation workshops I give, you will be accompanied by motivational coaching and intense, energetic psychotherapy.

The Stress Management programme

Do you suffer from stress, anxiety or chronic panic attacks? Sometimes these attacks come and go without really going away. It's a never-ending loop... How can you succeed in reducing stress? Overcome panic attacks and the fear of relapse? What's behind the suffering?

Mindfulness meditation is a fantastic tool for preventing anxiety attacks and reducing stress.

Are you experiencing panic attacks (following trauma)? Meditating will soothe you and help you regain your inner centre and calm. Re-connecting with yourself means being in that space where ruminative thoughts that generate stress and anxiety disappear, because that's your true essence, stripped of the stories you tell yourself over and over again.) With me, you'll learn to accept. Because to resist is to reinforce an internal tension and accentuate the stress loop. To accept is to begin to heal.

Join me in the online meditation groups that I offer every week, as well as monthly personalised support, to move forward together in improving your inner state. Integrating meditation into your life coincides with a desire to change the way you think and live. It means adopting a new philosophy of life. A real transformation in which you are the hero. DISCOVERY CALL offered to discover this programme Together let's discuss your needs and grow in Consciousness.

How can you reduce stress and anxiety attacks? Change your level of consciousness.

Each programme includes 2 formulas:
weekly workshops, individual coaching and a motivational group. Experience mindfulness meditation in your life at your own pace.
Formule semi-intensive mensuelle
1 personal development and meditation workshop per week, lasting 1.5 hours, online: active meditation (including dance therapy), mindfulness meditation, deep relaxation techniques.
1 group motivational coaching session per week: exchanges, sharing and motivation.
1 individual coaching session per month: personalised support and emotional management.
Formule intensive mensuelle
2 1.5-hour personal development and meditation workshops a week, online:
active meditation (including dance therapy), mindfulness meditation, deep relaxation techniques.
2 group motivational coaching sessions per week: sharing, exchanging and motivating.
2 individual coaching sessions per month: personalised support and emotional management.
"No problem can be solved without changing the level of consciousness that gave rise to it. "
Albert Einstein
They put their trust in me
Semi-intensive formula 1 month
200 € / 1 month
Semi-intensive 3 months
550 € / 3 month
Formule intensive
400 € / 1 month
Formule intensive
1 100 € / 3 month