Open your mind to new experiences

Moving forward in life is a real process.

It requires clear objectives and a will of one's own.

Successful people ask questions, dare to investigate themselves and move towards specific, pragmatic solutions.

Are you that person?

Open your mind and dare to be yourself

Become who you are.

---You have the potential... how? by raising your consciousness ---

True healing is within, you know it and you have the keys.

Heal the suffering that limits you and open yourself up to your true potential.

The potential to feel better, to stop getting stuck in old patterns, to heal deep-rooted sadness or anger.

--- meditation raises your level of consciousness ---

I offer several targeted mindfulness meditation programmes and guide you through your transformation.

So that your mindfulness practices become more effective and alive, connected to your daily life.

Be ready to re-discover yourself, to emerge from the psychic imprisonment in which you have remained for too long.

Be the change you've been waiting for.

The great revolutions are always metaphysical. Albert Camus, the myth of Sisyphus

Meditation, a valuable tool!
Bring mindfulness into your life.
The state of meditation is a state that few people know about if they have never meditated. We know the waking state, the sleeping state and the dreaming state. I would add the state of meditation, an inner state similar to relaxation, but in which we observe and discover our 'inner witness'. With regular practice, this state allows you to detach yourself from the mental hubbub, invasive emotions and physical pain. Meditation is a powerful therapeutic tool that enables us to observe, without judgement or analysis, everything that crosses our psychic space: our thoughts, sensations and emotions, the stories we automatically repeat to ourselves, our inner states. And just by observing them, changes appear: appeasement, a state of calm, clarity and self-centredness.
We are no longer scattered!
  • Malika Madhuri's workshops

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  • Open your mind and dare to be yourself
  • Mindfulness meditation, an unexpected force.
  • The Workshops of Malika Madhuri, your guide to the world of mindfulness meditation
  • Become who you are

Why choose the workshops?
I have been a meditator since 2014. Meditation is the most valuable tool given to me in my life and has had an extraordinary and beneficial impact. My life has changed.
My mission is to share this wonderful tool with you and see your essence revealed.
  • I've been meditating since 2014.
    I've done several meditation retreats in France and India (10 days, 3 1/2 months, etc.). I trained for 8 years with Andreas Mamet, who has been teaching meditation for 40 years in his meditation and personal development courses and workshops.
  • Online and indoor meditation groups and an active "learn to meditate" WhatsApp group.
    We stay together online and sometimes meet up in the gym. We stay connected via a WhatsApp group.
  • Individual support.
    I will personally guide you in learning meditation and in your awareness and revelations.

Malika Madhuri's workshops

I put my great determination, depth and know-how at the service of others.
My coaching is solution-focused, giving you the awareness and tools you need to meet the challenges of life and everyday life. Experience mindfulness in your life, every day.

Prepare to be reborn as yourself.

--- the programmes ---
Learn how to use mindfulness meditation in your daily life, or the art of transformation.
Discovery call
Learning to dance freely and without constraints.
Discovery call
The course offers 2 skills: - Being able to teach meditation in reception centres, schools, hospitals, associations and businesses; - A solid introduction to mindfulness meditation.
Discovery call
The Women's Circle is for women who want to meet each other in a spirit of humility, respect and love.
cDiscovery call

Welcome to the workshops for inner transformation!

In 2013, I experienced a profound metamorphosis, an awakening that changed my life forever. Guided by remarkable spiritual masters, I plunged into the heart of my suffering to release its chains, discover my true uniqueness and find my inner strength. I've been learning and experiencing since 2013. True knowledge is experience, everything else is just information. After a burn-out at the end of 2012-2013, I began deep inner work in order to heal and flourish. Today, I'm here to share with you this fascinating journey towards deep inner healing and self-knowledge. Meditation and coaching groups are being set up regularly. Join me as we explore the paths of consciousness together and discover how you, too, can transform your life from the inside out.

Free yourself, heal yourself and become who you are.