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In 2013, I woke up. Not in the literal sense, but in the sense that consciousness awakens, where the boundaries of existence become blurred and you realise that the world as you knew it was only one facet of reality.
It wasn't a joyous rebirth, but rather a journey through darkness. The end of 2012 marked the end of my old life, a tumultuous period punctuated by grief, fatigue and despair. A burn-out plunged me into the depths of my own suffering, revealing hidden patterns that dictated my life without my realising it.
It was as if I'd suddenly taken off opaque glasses to see clearly the repetitive patterns that were poisoning my life. These patterns, buried in my subconscious, made me act without thinking, like an automatic pilot of which I was unaware.
But when these patterns came into conflict with each other, it was as if the machine jammed, plunging my life into total chaos. That's when I realised that I had to change my perception, raise my consciousness to regain control of my own existence.
This change of perspective was revolutionary. It was like going from darkness to light, an inner illumination that gave me a better understanding of my emotions, my motivations and my past suffering. It was a journey towards inner healing, a process of individuation that led me to discover my true self.

On this difficult but deeply rewarding path, I have been guided by spiritual masters such as Osho, Ramana Maharshi and Karunesh (Andreas Mamet). Their teachings have enlightened my journey and given me invaluable wisdom to face the challenges of modern life. Today, I'm grateful for every step of this inner journey, as they have all led me to a deeper understanding of myself and the world around me. And it is with this wisdom that I continue on my path, ready to welcome each new lesson with humility and gratitude.

Ramana Maharshi is one of India's greatest mystical masters; Andreas Mamet was a remarkable teacher of meditative practices; and Osho is one of the greatest masters and thinkers of our time.

Meditation as a regular part of daily life.

And today,
I've been meditating since 2014.
I have done several meditation retreats in France and India, from 10 days to 3 months.
I trained for 8 years with Andreas Mamet, who has been teaching meditation for 40 years (more than 200 mantra workshops and vipassana meditations, more than 40 weekend retreats in personal development and several meditation retreats).
You can find his letter of recommendation in the photo gallery.

In my quest for the self, I've been learning and experimenting since 2013. True knowledge is experience, everything else is just information.
Today I continue on my path of healing and personal development. I have been teaching and coaching people since 2018 in mindfulness and emotional management. I am passionate about sharing my passion, which is the inner path to liberation.

Group meditation: I have been teaching mindfulness meditation and dance therapy in schools since September 2018. I lead meditation groups on retreats and online.

Individual coaching: I support meditators in their process of inner exploration and understanding of their mental patterns and mechanisms. A new understanding and new pathways potentially open up in their lives. Meditation brings self-awareness, personal development, inner healing, peace, a new lease of life and a new energy. The horizon opens up to a certain future, the doors open and the curtain rises.

I offer a programme of coaching, meditative and cognitive-behavioural practices lasting from 1 to 3 months, both online and indoors.
Andreas Mamet, retirement in Chile
I've been practising since 2013 and was trained by Andreas Mamet. Who is Andreas Mamet?

For fifty years, Andreas Mamet has devoted himself body and soul to meditation. It was a real passion for him. Through the different forms and traditions he has experienced deeply and intensely in Asia, America and Europe, he has been able to select the techniques that have proved most effective.

Thanks to this know-how and the 60,000 or so hours of meditation practice he has accumulated in his life, he has been able to guide those who wish to follow this path of liberating consciousness.
Andreas was born in Germany on 9 January 1954. His spiritual quest began at the age of 17, when one night he looked up to the sky and marvelled at the extraordinary intelligence at work behind the immensity of the heavens. Then he met his first master, Yogi Mahindra. This was followed by 3 years of intense yogic practice, culminating in his first experience of the dissolution of the ego into cosmic consciousness, or the Samâdhi experience. It was during this experience that he met his true master, Osho, with whom he then spent 5 extraordinary years in India between 1976 and 1981. He then began teaching meditation in Japan, before opening a meditation centre in the United States. Between 2004 and 2021, he taught mainly in France, while continuing to teach internationally (Spain, Chile, USA). He is the author of Graines d'Eveil pour occidentaux désorientés (published by Véga).

For 4 years he hosted the programme "Suivez votre joie!" on radio Ici et Maintenant (95.2FM in Paris and the IDF), and has spoken at several major spiritual events (notably "les journées de l'éveil" at the Bormann Circus in Paris and "les 24h de la méditation" at the Grand Rex in Paris, in front of 700 spectators). In March 2020, at the very start of the health crisis, he decided to use the initial confinement as an opportunity to meditate intensely. He began a spiritual retreat of 6 to 8 hours of meditation every day until the end of 2021, in the company of a group of remote practitioners. In June 2021, he was awarded an international prize for his career in meditation, and left his body in December 2021.

Awakening is a radical transcendence

Extract from an interview with Andreas on radio Ici et Maintenant in Paris in 2014.

Laurent Fendt: Andreas, what have you gained from your many years of meditation?

Andreas: There's nothing to gain. But everything to lose. You lose all sorts of negative emotional attachments. You lose your ability to judge. You lose all the emotional and psychic toxins in your body and mind. And the more we lose old programmes and conditioning, the more peaceful and happy we become. In the process of meditation, you lose a lot of things that make you unhappy. This is my greatest observation.
Meditation makes us aware of how we make ourselves unhappy and the more we become aware of all the methods we use to create our unhappiness, the more we are able to stop applying these methods. That's what meditation does. It shows us how we make ourselves unhappy. Then we can stop.
What's more, a successful meditation process leads beyond the mind. Have you ever heard of the biblical term "peace beyond all understanding"? This term really means the peace of the non-mind, the peace that resides beyond the activities of the mind. A successful meditation process brings us to the point where the movements of the mind become quieter and quieter.
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Find out more about Andreas Mamet's teachings at its channel YouTube and on Soundcloud.